Monday, 23 September 2013

Summer Projects in the Fall

It is hard to believe how fast Summer flew by!
A lot of us start the Summer out with a big long checklist of the things we want to get done outside while the weather is warm, and some of it does get done, but if it didn't all get done, we hope it's because you took the time to enjoy the great outdoors with your family.
Yesterday marked the first day of Fall. It may be cooling off, but you still have time before the snow comes in.

If a new, or upgraded fence is still on your "To-Do List", consider the following:

This is an ornamental iron fence from the New York Collection at Roma Fence.

It is a classic beauty that only enhances the scenery it is placed in.

Click HERE to view the full New York Collection!


A Chain Link Fence is a great way to go when you don't want to obstruct the view. It comes in a variety of colours and benefits the safety of animals in children.

Click HERE to read more about our Chain Link Fence options, Kennels and Canine Castles.


The traditional Wood Fence is always a great choice.

Our red and white cedar collection can give a very natural look and feel to your outdoor oasis.

For more information about our Wood Fence Options, click HERE!

If none of these fences seem to suit your style, we encourage you to read on.
There are plenty more options:

- Concrete Fence
- PVC Fence
- Snow and Safety Fences
- Agricultural Fence
- Automatic Gates